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How we are different

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How is Tax Hotline different from:

A Franchise Tax Preparation Service? 

  • Tax Hotline employees are full-time experienced tax professionals.
  • Tax Hotline employees are experts who are knowledgeable in all fields of taxation.
  • Franchise preparation services have high costs.
  • Franchises typically operate in the first four months of the year-Tax Hotline is open throughout the year.

The Internal Revenue Service Answer Line?

  • Tax Hotline callers get through without frustrating waits.
  • Callers can speak confidentially and freely without threats of enforcement or unwelcome attention.
  • Our experts will help callers receive the absolute most from their returns.
  • IRS Answer Line receives approximately 118 million calls every year. Out of that number, nearly 41% of those calls are unanswered.*  This can lead to 48,000,000 unanswered questions.
  • IRS Answer Line has an estimated 10% error rate in information provided. That’s 7,000,000 incorrect answers!

A Financial Planner?

  • Tax Hotline DOES NOT give investment advice.
  • Tax Hotline has no investments to sell.
  • Tax Hotline will educate customers on financial instruments and their tax implications. i.e. 401k, Roth IRA, 529 College Plan
  • Tax Hotline callers receive tax advice-not financial advice.