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Tax Hotline Benefits

  • Unlimited tax assistance from tax professionals for business & personal tax needs
  • Tax preparation for business & personal returns
  • Free review of last year’s return
  • Advice regarding IRS Letters and Audits
  • Informative tax tips & tax law changes
  • Discounted Tax Resolution Services

Tax Hotline is a professional tax advice service, accessible year-round. Our members enjoy unlimited telephone access to real-world tax experts.

Having Tax Hotline is like living next door to a tax expert. Members get quick, honest answers to their tax questions. Tax Hotline offers clear explanations of any tax implications for personal and business financial decisions, no matter how routine or complex the situation. Members know the tax impact of buying a home instead of renting an apartment. They'll learn how much of their child-care expenses are tax-deductible. They'll have the information they need to decide whether they can afford to set up a home office. From a tax perspective, they'll know how to time the sale of stock or other appreciated assets. If it involves their money, it probably involves their taxes, and Tax Hotline will give them the advice they need.

Tax Hotline members can get the expert advice needed to save money now and for the future. They can call as often they’d like, with any number of questions. There is never a charge for phone time, and confidentiality is guaranteed.